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The History of Speakeasies & Prohibition in Los Angeles: A Tale of Hidden Gems and Classic Cocktails

Part 1: A Nod to the Past - The Birth of Speakeasies

In the glamorous and tumultuous era of the Roaring Twenties, the city of Los Angeles underwent a transformation that left an indelible mark on its history and culture. The onset of Prohibition in 1920 made the sale, production, and transportation of alcoholic beverages illegal, but it also gave birth to a new kind of nightlife, the speakeasy. These secret, hidden bars sprang up in response to the Prohibition Act, serving patrons who craved a taste of rebellion alongside their clandestine cocktails.

Part 2: The Spark of Rebellion - How Speakeasies Defied the Prohibition Era

The term 'speakeasy' is said to have originated from patrons being told to "speak easy" or keep their voices down to avoid drawing attention. Speakeasies weren't just simple bars, though. They were emblematic of a wider cultural rebellion against restrictions, representing a bold assertion of personal freedom in a time of nationwide constraint.

In Los Angeles, a city already thriving with the glamour of Old Hollywood, speakeasies were often more than just back-alley bars. They were grandiose, extravagant establishments tucked away behind soda shops, cafes, or even inside elegant mansions.

Part 3: LA's Best Speakeasies - Immersing in the Timeless Charm

Today, the legacy of speakeasies lives on in Los Angeles through a series of venues that have captured the spirit and allure of the 1920s. One such gem is our LA Hidden Bars and Speakeasy Experience, where you can travel back in time and immerse yourself in the romance of this bygone era.

Our tour takes you through the best speakeasy bars, each venue an homage to the Prohibition era. Every cocktail tells a story, every hidden entrance a nod to the past. Picture dimly lit rooms, plush leather seating, the clinking of crystal glassware, and the hum of hushed conversations—a world reminiscent of classic Hollywood, a world away from the conventional Los Angeles nightlife.

Part 4: Sip on Classic Cocktails - The Art of Mixology During the Prohibition Era

The Prohibition era also saw the birth of some of the most iconic classic cocktails. To mask the harsh taste of bootlegged liquor, mixologists at speakeasies became inventive, adding juices, syrups, and other flavors to their drinks. This gave birth to a range of timeless cocktails like the Sidecar, Bee's Knees, and Mary Pickford—each with their unique story steeped in Prohibition history.

Join us on the Speakeasy Experience, where our expert mixologists transport you back to the 1920s, recreating classic cocktails with a contemporary twist, each sip a sensory trip back to the era of clandestine imbibing.

Part 5: Speakeasies Today - The Resurgence of the Roaring Twenties

Speakeasies have seen a resurgence in recent years, not just as venues serving alcohol, but as spaces offering a unique, immersive experience. They capture the nostalgia of a bygone era, allowing us to escape the ordinary and dive into a world of clandestine charm. In the heart of Los Angeles, they've become a beloved staple in the city's nightlife scene, and we couldn't be prouder to play our part in keeping this timeless tradition alive.

Part 6: Uncover the City's Hidden Gems with Secret Fun Experiences

Whether you're a history buff, a cocktail enthusiast, or someone who simply enjoys unique experiences, the speakeasies of Los Angeles offer a unique perspective on the city's history and culture. With Secret Fun Experiences, you get to uncover these hidden gems, delve into the past, and make unforgettable memories.

Join us as we peel back the layers of time and unveil the city's best-kept secrets. Our carefully curated experiences aren't just about the speakeasies, though. We also offer salsa lessons, burlesque, and mojito classes, oceanfront bar visits, and street salsa dancing, and date night classes that allow you to see the city in a new light.

Whether you're a local or a visitor, our experiences are designed to leave you with a deeper appreciation of Los Angeles, its history, and its vibrant culture.

Part 7: Book Your Journey Into the Past with Us Today

Embrace the allure of Old Hollywood, experience the thrill of discovering a hidden bar, and relish the taste of classic cocktails crafted with modern finesse. Dive into the past with our LA Hidden Bars and Speakeasy Experience or any of our other carefully curated experiences, and witness firsthand the lasting legacy of speakeasies and Prohibition in Los Angeles.

If you're ready to take a step back into the past, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be thrilled to help you escape the ordinary and explore the city's timeless treasures.


1. What is a speakeasy? A speakeasy was a hidden bar or club that operated illegally during the Prohibition era (1920-1933) in the United States.

2. Why were they called speakeasies? The term 'speakeasy' originated from patrons being advised to 'speak easy'—to keep their voices down to avoid drawing attention to these illegal venues.

3. Where can I find the best speakeasies in Los Angeles? You can discover the best speakeasies in Los Angeles through our LA Hidden Bars and Speakeasy Experience.

4. What can I expect from the LA Hidden Bars and Speakeasy Experience? You'll experience a taste of the 1920s, discover secret bars, and enjoy classic cocktails while immersing yourself in the rich history of Prohibition-era Los Angeles.

5. Do speakeasies still exist today? Yes, many modern bars and clubs have adopted the 'speakeasy' concept, offering a vintage aesthetic and a nostalgic nod to the Prohibition era.

6. How can I book a speakeasy experience with Secret Fun Experiences? You can book your speakeasy experience directly through our website.

7. What other experiences do you offer in Los Angeles?

Apart from the speakeasy experience, we also offer salsa lessons, burlesque, and mojito classes, oceanfront bar visits, and street salsa dancing, and date night classes to name a few.

8. What classic cocktails were created during the Prohibition era? Many classic cocktails like the Sidecar, Bee's Knees, and Mary Pickford were created during the Prohibition era to mask the taste of poorly-made bootlegged alcohol.

9. How can I contact Secret Fun Experiences? You can reach us via the contact form on our website.

10. Can I book a private event with Secret Fun Experiences? Absolutely! We cater to private events and will be more than happy to create a unique, memorable experience for your group.

11. What safety precautions are taken for the experiences amid the pandemic? We adhere to all local and federal guidelines regarding COVID-19 to ensure the safety of our guests. Details will be provided upon booking.

12. How long does the LA Hidden Bars and Speakeasy Experience last? The duration can vary, but typically, you can expect the experience to last around 2 to 3 hours.

13. Is there a dress code for the speakeasy experience? While there's no strict dress code, we recommend smart-casual attire to match the sophisticated and stylish atmosphere of the speakeasies.

14. Are the experiences suitable for tourists? Absolutely! Our experiences offer a unique way to explore Los Angeles, making them perfect for tourists who want to experience the city like a local.

15. Are the experiences kid-friendly? As our experiences often involve visiting bars and other adult-oriented venues, they are typically designed for adults aged 21 and over.

Embark on an unforgettable journey into the past and discover the hidden gems of Los Angeles with Secret Fun Experiences. We can't wait to share the city's secrets with you!

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