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LA's Speakeasies: Where Mystery Meets Mixology

Introduction: The Hidden World of LA Speakeasies

In the glitzy world of Los Angeles, nothing is ever quite what it seems. Underneath the dazzling lights, behind unmarked doors, lie hidden gems that bring back the Prohibition era's allure and secrecy. These are LA's speakeasies: clandestine bars that serve more than just drinks. They serve experiences.

Dive into the world of intrigue, where each sip reveals a secret, and each door opens to an unexpected world. Ready? Let's take a journey through the hidden bars in LA.

Section 1: The History of Speakeasies in LA

The Prohibition Era

During the Prohibition in LA (1920-1933), alcohol was illegal, but the city's thirst was unquenchable. Speakeasies, hidden bars tucked away behind secret doors, were born out of this thirst.

The Rise of the LA Speakeasies

The Hollywood elite, politicians, and ordinary folks flocked to these secret places. LA Speakeasies were not just about cocktails but were cultural hubs, with jazz music, dancing, and a sense of rebellion.

Modern-Day Speakeasies

Now, LA Speakeasies are an homage to this bygone era, a unique blend of history, mixology, and mystery. Interested in the experience? Explore the hidden bars and speakeasy experiences with Secret Fun Experiences.

Section 2: Must-Visit Speakeasy Bars in LA

1. The Downtown Secret

Located in the heart of DTLA, this speakeasy is as elusive as it is enchanting. Check out our DTLA hidden bars and speakeasy experience to discover it.

2. The Oceanfront Oasis

Near the breezy ocean, a bar provides tropical-themed cocktails. Don't miss our oceanfront bar and street salsa dancing experience to find it.

3. The Salsa-Speakeasy Combo

Fancy some dance with your drink? This unique speakeasy offers salsa lessons and more. Here's our special salsa lesson, burlesque, and mojitos package.

4. The Vegas Twist

Even in Sin City, there's a speakeasy that stands out. Explore the Las Vegas hidden bars and speakeasy tour.

Section 3: Why You Must Experience LA's Speakeasies

Unparalleled Ambiance

LA Speakeasies offer more than drinks; they provide ambiance. It's where vintage meets modern, and jazz meets mixology.

A Taste of History

Step into the past with cocktails made from recipes that date back to the Prohibition era.


There's something thrilling about being in-the-know, about being part of an exclusive club.

Secret Fun Experiences

Our unique hidden bars and speakeasy experiences ensure that you enjoy all of the above without lifting a finger. Shh, it's a secret!

Section 4: How to Plan Your Speakeasy Experience

Planning a night out at LA's speakeasies isn't your regular bar-hopping experience. Here's a guide to making it memorable:

  1. Do Your Research: Some speakeasies require passwords.

  2. Dress the Part: Many have a dress code.

  3. Book with Secret Fun: We handle all the details. Check our date night classes and private events to tailor your experience.

FAQs About LA Speakeasies

1. Can anyone visit a speakeasy in LA? Yes, but some have strict entry rules. Our speakeasy experiences ensure hassle-free entry.

2. What should I wear to a speakeasy in LA? Dress codes vary, but smart-casual or vintage clothing is often appreciated. Some speakeasies may have specific themes.

3. How do I find the best speakeasies in LA? Some are public secrets, but others require inside knowledge. Explore our curated hidden bars and speakeasy experiences to discover the best ones.

4. Are there any speakeasy tours available? Absolutely! Our DTLA hidden bars and speakeasy experience and Las Vegas hidden bars and speakeasy tours are perfect examples.

5. Can I book a speakeasy for a private event? Yes, many speakeasies offer private bookings. Check our private events page for more details.

6. What types of drinks are served at speakeasies? From classic cocktails to modern innovations, the mixology is top-notch. Expect unique creations and Prohibition-era favorites.

7. What makes LA speakeasies different from other bars? It's the ambiance, secrecy, and connection to history that sets them apart. Each speakeasy has its character and story.

8. How do I get a password for a speakeasy? Some passwords are available online, while others might be shared by insiders. Our tours ensure you have what you need to enter.

9. Can I dance at a speakeasy? Absolutely! Some places like our salsa lesson, burlesque, and mojitos experience combine dancing and drinking.

10. How early should I arrive? It's wise to arrive a bit early, especially on weekends. Our tours handle timing for you.

11. Is it expensive to visit a speakeasy in LA? Prices vary, but you're paying for the experience, not just the drink. Our packages offer value for the unique experiences provided.

12. What is the best time to visit a speakeasy? Weeknights can be less crowded, but weekends have more energy. Check with specific venues or our contact page for recommendations.

13. Are speakeasies legal now? Yes, modern speakeasies are legal establishments that pay homage to the hidden bars of the Prohibition era.

14. Can I take pictures inside a speakeasy? Policies vary by venue. Respect the ambiance and other guests. When in doubt, ask.

15. How can I make my speakeasy experience unforgettable? Book through Secret Fun Experiences. We curate the best experiences, like oceanfront bar and street salsa dancing, to ensure your night is magical.

Conclusion: Uncover the Mystique of LA's Speakeasies

Los Angeles' speakeasies are more than mere bars; they're gateways to a bygone era, filled with charm, intrigue, and world-class mixology. From the history-steeped ambiance to the tantalizing cocktails, a night at an LA speakeasy is an experience to remember.

So why not take a step back in time and immerse yourself in a world of secrets and sophistication? With Secret Fun Experiences, you're not just enjoying a drink; you're part of a story that stretches back to the roaring twenties. It's time to discover where mystery meets mixology.

Ready to embark on this clandestine adventure? Book your secret fun experience now.

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