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LA from Above: The Most Scenic Rooftop Bars in the City

Welcome to a city where the stars are just the beginning of what you can reach for. Los Angeles, a sprawling metropolis, isn’t just famous for its cinematic sunsets and the Walk of Fame; it’s also where you can elevate your night out quite literally. At Secret Fun Experiences, we believe the best nights are the ones sprinkled with stardust, breathtaking views, and cocktails that taste like cloud nine. Let’s whisk you away on a tour of the most scenic rooftop bars in LA, where every sip comes with a view and every moment is a story waiting to be told.

Why Rooftop Bars?

In a city as visually stunning as Los Angeles, height enhances the delight. Rooftop bars in LA offer not just drinks but an experience - where the panoramic views of the city skyline, the Hollywood hills, and the Pacific coastline are your companions. The blend of scenic views LA has to offer, alongside exquisite mixology and gastronomy, sets the stage for unforgettable evenings.

The High Rooftop Lounge at Hotel Erwin

Overlooking Venice Beach, The High Rooftop Lounge isn’t just about the ocean view; it’s about capturing the essence of LA’s laid-back luxury. Here, the sunset is an event – one that comes with vibrant cocktails and an ambiance that makes every moment golden.

Perch LA

A little French flair meets LA’s skyscape at Perch LA. It’s more than just one of the best bars in LA; it’s a two-story escape into a world where the city lights sparkle like the stars above. Live music, fire pits, and an extensive wine list add to the allure, making it a perch worth taking flight for.

Spire 73

At the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown, Spire 73 reigns as the tallest open-air bar in the Western Hemisphere. It’s not just the height that’s breathtaking but the innovative cocktails and the Asian-inspired plates, all served with a side of panoramic views.

Elevating the Experience with Secret Fun Experiences

Why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? With Secret Fun Experiences, every outing is an adventure waiting to unfold. From salsa lessons under the stars to speakeasy tours that transport you to another era, we curate experiences that turn a night out into a story worth telling.

Discover Hidden Gems

Los Angeles is full of secrets, and we hold the key. From hidden bars that offer an intimate setting to speakeasy experiences that whisk you away to the 1920s, let us guide you to the heart of the city’s nightlife.

Learn to Dance Under the LA Sky

Embrace the rhythm of the night with salsa and bachata lessons offered in some of the most picturesque settings. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to polish your moves, our dance experiences are designed to thrill and delight.

The Enthralling Nightlife Scene

E.P. & L.P.

Bringing a slice of Asian flair to West Hollywood, E.P. & L.P. boasts one of the largest rooftop spaces in the city. It's where modern Asian dining meets California’s cool vibes, all set against a cinematic backdrop of the Hollywood Hills and the bustling streets below. It’s not just about dining and drinking here; it’s about being part of the city’s vibrant pulse.

The Rooftop at The Standard, Downtown LA

A staple in the LA rooftop scene, The Rooftop at The Standard offers a retro-futuristic vibe with waterbed pods, a heated swimming pool, and stunning city views. It's a place where night swims are accompanied by DJ beats, making it a must-visit for those looking to experience LA’s eclectic side.

Make Your Moments with Secret Fun Experiences

At Secret Fun Experiences, we're all about crafting moments that last a lifetime. Whether it's a date night that dances in the moonlight or a group celebration that reaches new heights, we have something for every occasion.

Romantic Date Nights

Looking for something special? Elevate your date night with our curated experiences. From intimate salsa lessons to oceanfront dining, we ensure your night is as enchanting as the city itself.

Exclusive Private Events

Plan your next event with an unforgettable backdrop. Our private event services offer exclusive access to LA’s top rooftop bars, where every detail is tailored to your needs, ensuring your celebration is nothing short of spectacular.

FAQs About LA’s Rooftop Bar Scene

How do I choose the right rooftop bar in LA?

Consider what’s important to you: views, ambiance, music, or cuisine. LA’s rooftop bars have a wide range to offer, and Secret Fun Experiences can help guide your choice with personalized recommendations.

What should I wear to a rooftop bar?

Dress codes can vary. We suggest opting for smart casual attire to blend in seamlessly with LA’s chic rooftop scene. For more specific venues, checking ahead or consulting with us can ensure you're perfectly attired.

Are reservations required?

Yes, most rooftop bars recommend or require reservations. Booking through Secret Fun Experiences ensures not just a spot but an experience tailored just for you.

Can I host a private party at a rooftop bar?

Absolutely! Many rooftop bars offer spaces for private parties. Our private events team specializes in creating bespoke events that cater to your every need, set against the backdrop of LA's stunning skyline.

What time do rooftop bars typically open and close?

Opening times can vary, but most rooftop bars open in the late afternoon to catch the sunset and close late into the night. For specific hours and availability, contact us.

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