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How to Enjoy a Night Out at a Vegas Speakeasy: Etiquette and Tips


Welcome to the alluring world of Las Vegas speakeasies, where the thrill of discovery meets the glamour of the Prohibition era. At Secret Fun Experiences, we're excited to guide you through a night of clandestine cocktails and jazz-infused atmospheres. This guide will ensure you navigate the speakeasy scene with the savoir-faire of a seasoned patron, blending in seamlessly and enjoying your evening to the fullest.

What is a Speakeasy?

Originating from the 1920s Prohibition era, speakeasies were illicit establishments that sold alcoholic beverages. Today, they've been revived as stylish, hidden bars offering an intimate setting with a nostalgic touch. In Las Vegas, speakeasies are not just bars; they are an experience, complete with secret entrances, passwords, and an ambiance that transports you to another time.

Speakeasy Etiquette in Las Vegas

Navigating the unique environment of a Vegas speakeasy requires knowing a few ground rules to enhance your experience and respect the venue’s culture.

1. Finding and Entering a Speakeasy

Most speakeasies in Vegas are hidden and require either a password or an invitation. Research ahead of time or check our Las Vegas Hidden Bars and Speakeasy Experience for insights on how to gain entry. Being discreet is key—part of the fun is in the secrecy!

2. Dress Code

When considering what to wear in Vegas bars, particularly speakeasies, think classy and elegant. Most venues appreciate guests who dress up, so opt for cocktail attire. Men can don suits or smart jackets, while women can dazzle in cocktail dresses or sophisticated evening wear.

3. Ordering and Enjoying Drinks

Speakeasy bartenders are often among the best in the world. Trust their expertise. It’s polite to engage with them, perhaps inquire about signature cocktails or let them surprise you with a bespoke drink. Remember, a speakeasy night is about savoring your drink, not downing shots.

4. Conduct

The atmosphere in a speakeasy is generally more subdued and intimate than your typical bar. Keep your voice at a conversational level and soak in the ambiance. Respect the privacy of other guests and avoid using your phone excessively—part of the charm is disconnecting from the digital world for a bit.

Las Vegas Nightlife Tips: Making the Most of Your Speakeasy Experience

To truly enjoy a speakeasy night in Las Vegas, here are some additional tips:

  • Arrive Early: Many speakeasies can be quite exclusive with limited seating. Arriving earlier in the evening can help ensure you get a spot without a long wait.

  • Explore Multiple Venues: Las Vegas has a variety of speakeasies, each with its own unique flair. Consider bar hopping between a few to experience different vibes—from jazz clubs hidden behind unmarked doors to luxurious lounges tucked away in basements.

The Cultural Significance of Speakeasies in Las Vegas

The resurgence of speakeasies across America, and especially in Las Vegas, has not only revitalized interest in the Prohibition era but also added a layer of sophistication and nostalgia to the modern nightlife scene. In a city famed for its flamboyance and excess, speakeasies offer a stark contrast with their emphasis on intimacy, exclusivity, and historical ambiance.

Historical Influence

Las Vegas speakeasies often draw inspiration from the city’s own unique history, which includes ties to organized crime and the Rat Pack era. These establishments provide more than just a night of drinking; they offer a historical narrative that transports patrons back to a time when these hidden bars were necessary for a night of revelry.

Adding Depth to Nightlife

While clubs and grand casinos dominate the Las Vegas Strip, speakeasies cater to those seeking a more subdued and intimate experience. They enrich the city's nightlife portfolio, appealing to locals and tourists who crave a different kind of night out—one that involves whispered conversations, slow-sipping cocktails, and a touch of mystery.

Tips for Embracing the Full Speakeasy Experience

To make the most of your visit to a Las Vegas speakeasy, consider the following tips that cater to the unique characteristics of these venues:

  • Explore the History: Before visiting, read up on the history of Prohibition and speakeasies. Many establishments in Vegas are themed around specific historical figures or events, and knowing the backstory can enhance your appreciation of the ambiance.

  • Engage with Your Bartender: Speakeasy bartenders are typically very knowledgeable about the history of cocktails and the origins of Prohibition-era drinks. Ask for recommendations or the story behind your cocktail to gain more insight into what you’re drinking.

  • Respect the Privacy: Part of the appeal of speakeasies is their atmosphere of secrecy and privacy. Keep the location as discreet as the establishment itself and enjoy being part of the in-crowd that knows about these hidden spots.

Enhancing Your Speakeasy Night: What to Remember

  • Dress the Part: As mentioned earlier, dressing appropriately is crucial. It not only respects the venue’s ambiance but also enhances your own experience. Many speakeasies have strict dress codes, and adhering to them can sometimes mean the difference between getting in or being turned away.

  • Patience is Key: Due to their intimate size and popularity, speakeasies can often have long wait times or require reservations. Plan accordingly and consider calling ahead to check on wait times or book a reservation.


A night out at a Las Vegas speakeasy is more than just drinks—it’s an immersive experience that combines history, exclusivity, and some of the finest cocktails in the city. With the right etiquette and an adventurous spirit, you’re set to enjoy an evening that's both enchanting and memorable. Embrace the mystery and let Secret Fun Experiences guide you through the hidden delights of Sin City’s nightlife.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I avoid doing at a Vegas speakeasy?

Avoid being loud or boisterous, as it disrupts the intimate setting. Also, flash photography is often frowned upon.

Q: How can I find the best speakeasies in Las Vegas?

Besides checking our Las Vegas Speakeasy Experiences, word of mouth and online forums like Yelp can be great resources. Often, the discovery is part of the adventure!

Q: Are there speakeasy-themed events in Las Vegas?

Yes, several bars host special nights where they transform into speakeasies, complete with live jazz and themed cocktails. Keep an eye on local event listings.

Q: Can I have a private event at a speakeasy?

Many speakeasies offer rental options for private events. Visit our Private Events page for more information on how to book a unique venue.

Q: What’s the average cost of cocktails in a Las Vegas speakeasy?

Prices can vary, but typically, cocktails at high-end speakeasies start around $15 and can go up to $30 or more depending on the exclusivity and ingredients used.

Q: Is it necessary to tip at a speakeasy?

Tipping is customary in all bars in Las Vegas, including speakeasies. A tip of 15-20% on your drink bill is standard practice to show appreciation for the bartender's craftsmanship.

Q: Can I bring a large group to a speakeasy in Las Vegas?

While speakeasies can accommodate small groups, their intimate nature generally makes them better suited for couples or small gatherings. Always check with the establishment ahead of time if you plan to bring more than four people.

Q: Are speakeasies suitable for a first date?

Absolutely! Speakeasies can provide a unique and memorable setting for a first date. The intimate environment allows for meaningful conversation while enjoying finely crafted cocktails in a distinctive setting.

Q: How can I find the most authentic speakeasies in Las Vegas?

To find authentic speakeasies, look for places that require a password or have hidden entries. Websites and local blogs dedicated to the Las Vegas cocktail scene, or even asking locals, can also lead you to some of the best hidden gems.

Q: What kind of live entertainment can I expect at a speakeasy?

Many speakeasies feature live jazz or blues music, reflecting their historical roots. Some might also host burlesque shows, live magic, or other forms of period-appropriate entertainment.

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